9 rules for a young and healthy skin

24  Apr 2014

Detoxing the lymphatic system as a way of natural skin care

Cleansing the body from inside out regularly is the key for a younger look. The lymph system, which is the sewage system for metabolic toxins, should be detoxed regularly not only for skin health, but also for overall health. There is more lymph in our bodies than blood, but there is no pump for lymph. That’s why we need to provide a pumping system for the lymph to flow.

When the lymph system becomes blocked or sluggish, an oxygen-starved, toxic environment is created which will influence all the cells of the body. A stagnant toxic lymph flow can produce a thickened, turbid dirty lymph. It encourages degeneration of both cells and organs and contributes to tumour and cancer formation.

The following 9 healthy nutritional and lifestyle guidelines to cleanse and rejuvenate your lymph system will improve your health as well as providing you a healthier and younger skin:

1.   Regular Exercise

Anyone who has a sedentary lifestyle is stuck with a compromised immune system from lymph that needs to be drained. Brisk walking, which should be done outdoors in a natural setting -like the regular daily forest walks in Natur-Med rejuvenation program- is helpful if done regularly. Yoga, pilates, rebounding, water gym are other exercise options provide lymph detox in Natur-Med program also.

2.    Drinking enough alkaline water 

      Keep your body hydrated with alkaline water to help your lymph system operate properly.

3.    Alkaline Diet

      Follow these rules for a lymph system functioning properly:

·      Limit animal products.

·      Make raw vegetables and fresh vegetable juices part of your daily diet.

·      Avoid processed foods that are high in salt, sugar and preservatives.

·      Replace simple sugars and carbohydrates with whole grains and complex carbohydrates.

Natur-Med detox diet provides the alkaline nutrition you need for a better functioning lymph system.

4.     Massage

      Regular massage is a great way to keep your entire body healthy and your lymph system running smoothly. Lymph drainage, a massage technique focusing on providing proper lymph flow and detoxification, in addition to pressotherapy, pneumatic pulsation therapy which are also lymph drainage methods are available in Natur-Med.    

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), offered in Natur-Med, has a powerful cleansing, relaxing, pain relieving and immunological effects. It facilitates the removal of excess water, metabolic wastes, toxins, bacteria and foreign substances from he body, thereby has positive effects on skin health also.

5.   Hamam (Turkish bath) 

Steam raises body temperature above normal and stimulates the immune system to increase production of antibodies and interferon. The benefits of hamam use and special scrubbing & soap massage include pain relief, muscle relaxation, and respiratory benefits. The hamam efficiently releases toxins from the body and provides a powerful combination with massage.Turkish Bath (Hamam) is an important part of Natur-Med rejuvenation and cleansing program. It is a variant of the Roman bath, steam bath, sauna or Russian bath distinguished by a focus on water, as distinct from ambient steam. Soap massage, scrubbing and washing in hamam provides deep cleansing, detoxification and relaxation and has great benefits for skin health.

6.   Breathing Exercises

      The lymph system doesn’t have a heart –a pumping system-to keep it flowing. It’s dependent on contraction of the muscles and breathing. Take a few minutes each day to practice diaphragm breathing deeply, as we practice in Natur-Med every morning.

7.   Hot & Cold Contrast Baths

      Contrast baths have been used for therapy for over 2,000 years. Alternating warm and cool water baths increases blood and lymph circulation.The lymph vessels contract when exposed to cold, and relax in response to heat. Alternating hot and cold, lymph vessels dilate and contract to essentially "pump" and move stagnant fluid out of the area. This provides detoxification.

      Natur-Med outdoor hot spring and regular cold water pools, consutructed side by side, provide you this excellent lymph detox opportunity amidst pine trees, with a wonderful sea view.

8.   Saunas and Steam Bath

      Let your body sweat out toxins in saunas and steam baths to cleanse your lymph system. They increase circulation and burn calories. Sweating in saunas and steam baths cleanses your skin thoroughly, makes the skin soft and healthy, among many other body & mind relaxing and treating benefits.

9.   Colon Hydrotherapy

      Colon Hydrotherapy is the quickest and most effective way of removing toxic matter and mucoid plaque from the bowel. Colonics are a safe, painless, hygienic and very relaxing way of cleansing the entire bowel. As the colon is cleansed, the other internal organs have a clearer path for ridding the body of accumulated toxins.

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