About Us

“NaturMed is an outstanding oasis for those who love the nature and value their well-being and for those who need rest, healing and health. NaturMed, with its natural resources, offers an outstanding variety of treatments for chronic illnesses and everything one might need for mental and physical well-being. I can say without exaggeration and full conviction that the environment at NATURMED can rarely be found on our planet.”

Prof.Dr. Karl Hecht MD. Berlin Humboldt University

NaturMed was founded by Dr.Yasar Yilmaz, MD in 2001 and is located in Samson Mountains, 3 km away from the Aegean Coast. It is far from motorways and industry and enjoys a mild climate and over 273 days of sun annually, making it an ideal thermal health resort destination all year round. We offer fasting, detox, weight loss, rejuvenation, anti-aging programs and programs for chronic conditions and pain. 

The late German professor, Dr.sc.Dr.med.Karl Hecht, a Professor of Neurophysiology and Professor Emeritus of Experimental and Clinical Pathophysiology of the Charite Humboldt University, Berlin, who had been a regular visitor to NaturMed since its inception, has said:

"Those who love unspoilt nature, far from city life and away from stress, and who want to live healthily, will find relaxation and happiness, healing from disease and strength for their future life in the oasis of the NaturMed Health Resort in Kusadasi."