Day Programs


Morning Programm 08:30-14:00

Afternoon Programm 12:00-17:30

Daily Group Programm

08:30-09:30 Hot Spring Pools & Swimming (cold spring) Pool

12:00-13:00 Yoga or Pilates (5x per week)

13:00-14:00 Soup

16:00-16:20 Aqua-Gym (6x per week)

17:00-17:30 Dinner **



* Hours vary depending on sunrise.
** Vegetarian/vegan Buffet, Alkaline Detox or Dr.Buchinger Fasting

Terms and Conditions

  • A consultation with our health consultant is required before booking. 
  • Participation in the program is on consecutive days. 
  • Smoking is not allowed on NaturMed premises. 
  • Our guests are required to bring their personal belongings such as towels, slippers and swimming suit.  
  • Bringing in food and beverages is not allowed. 
3 Days
Colon-Hydrotherapy (1x)
Massage (30 min. 1x)
PPT (30 min. 1x)
Magnetic fFeld Therapy (3x)
125 EU
7 Days
Colon-Hydrotherapy (2x)
Massage (30 min. 3x)
PPT (30 min. 1x)
Lymphatic Drainage Massage (1x)
Magnetic Filed Therapy (6x)
Blood Pressure Relaxation Test 6x)
Body measurement (2x)
295 EU
10 Days
Colon-Hydrotherapy (2x)
Massage (30 min. 3x)
PPT (30 min. 2x)
Lymphatic Drainage Massage (1x)
Magnetic Field Therapy (9x)
Blood Pressure Relaation Test 7x)
Body measurement (2x)
395 EU
14 Days
Colon Hydrotherapy (4x)
Massage (30 min. 4x)
PPT (30 min. 3x)
Lymphatic Drainage Massage (2x)
Magnetic Field Therapy (13x)
TGT (Tansiyon gevşeme testi) 7x)
Body measurement (3x)
545 EU
21 Days
Colon Hydrotherapy (5x)
Massage (30 min. 7x)
PPT (30 min. 4x)
Lymphatic Drainage Massage (3x)
Magnetic Field Therapy (20x)
Blood Pressure Relaxation Test (7x)
Body Measurement (4x)
795 EU