Fasting in NaturMed

Mahatma Gandhi did it as early as 1946: during a three-day foot march in India he doesn’t eat solid food – just water with lemons and honey. Numerous decades later, this kind of body cleansing is also known as fasting hiking. By combining exercise and fasting, the body's basal metabolic rate increases. This boosts the metabolism and ensures that the effects – for example burning fat – occur faster. If you want to go on a journey like Ghandi, try fasting hiking in the middle of nature at our NaturMed Health Resort. 

Hiking and fasting leads to a better body awareness

Hiking complements fasting in an optimal way: your mood improves, blood pressure and cholesterol levels drop, and your immune system is strengthened. By exercising as a supplement to fasting, you not only reduce stress, but also promote both purification and deacidification and boost the body's metabolism. Find out how you can gain more energy, build up muscle strength and feel better while fasting hiking with us at a Fasting Retreat. One big advantage: renouncement of solid food and the partly strenuous physical movement exercise is much easier in a group. Get to know open-minded people and experience the power of fasting hikes for your own body!

Fasting Methods offered at NaturMed

As a guest of NaturMed you have 2 options for fasting: Fasting according to Dr.Buchinger involves abstaining from solid food and stimulants, while alkaline fasting involves eating only alkaline foods and abstaining from acid-forming foods. We offer alkaline fasting in combination with intermittent fasting, which alternates phases with and without food intake. With this method, there are 16 hours between the last meal of the day and the first meal of the next.

Combine different fasting methods with exercise during your stay at our resort and experience how beneficial fasting in combination with an exercise and health programm can be. Contact us if you are unsure which method is best for you – we will be happy to advise you!